Portrait Collections

Portrait Collections

Viewers of a portrait should see more than just a recognizable photograph of someone. The picture must contain mood, personality and character, allowing the viewer to draw conclusions about the person in the portrait.

As your portrait photographer, I must become proficient at studying people whom he or she does not know in order to capture their essence. This means watching for signals in a subject’s mannerism, reactions, expressions, body language and then judging how best to have the subject’s character revealed for the camera.

This takes skill and an understanding of human nature. It usually requires engaging the subject in conversation, and quickly finding a suitable topic that will grab her or his interest and evoke a reaction, so you will find me cracking many silly-minded jokes along the way!

I am a storyteller that focuses on preserving real memories and telling the stories that are unique to your family. During our family sessions, I focus on capturing natural connections and emotions between you and your loved ones.  I document the laughter, the mess, the smallest details, the biggest milestones and occasionally a tantrum or two.


22 February 2018


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