Melanie Els

The camera was a Kodak EKTRALITE 400 . I was 9 years old. I took my first photo with it and the way I viewed the world changed forever. Many years, cameras, film sizes, studies and related technologies later, I leapt into taking photos professionally.

I am often asked to describe my style, which sometimes can be tricky, but if I had to use only three words, I would say that my work is; HONEST, RAW and EMOTIVE.

Melanie Els

Melanie Els Photography is the result of a successful union between creative flair and the pure love for capturing a story-telling image. I work solo on assignment. No assistants, no bag-carriers, no second shooters. It’s just me, with my near silent camera – able to tell the story from early morning to late evening. I’m not lazy, I don’t get tired, and I’m everywhere. My documentary coverage is complete and total.

Over the years, I have upgraded my photography skills in Photo Journalism, Birth Photography (proudly SABPA registered), Portrait Photography and I have extensive experience in the following Corporate sectors - Industrial, Mining, Corporate Profiling, Construction, Architectural, Agricultural and Fashion Photography. My work has been published in many publications including advertorials, financial reports, magazine articles etc.

My photographic endeavours and love of telling a story have lead me into most of the subcategories of photography. Photography is not only my business, it is also my passion – which enables me to provide my clients with the best combination of quality and service available.

I use professional SONY equipment to invest in the highest quality images.

I’m your person if you like the idea of a sincere eyewitness to your story. An honest photographic reflection of your memories. A sincere documentary-style approach, based on authentic, unpretentious, unpredictable, incredible images.

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